Roto Climber MK 1


Designed for cleaning, visual inspection and wall thickness measurements on conductors, piles, risers and Caissons.

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Roto Climber MK 2


Built for a multitude of functions for the lifelong maintenance of an offshore conductor, risers, caisson or platform leg.

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Wind Climber


A patented robotic climber for the inspection and maintenance of offshore wind turbine towers.

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Roto Crawler


Designed specifically for the inspection of pipelines on the seabed, with the ability to perform high specification Phased Array testing.

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Sprint Robotics Asia-Pacific Summit 2023

“Rototech takes part in the Sprint Robotics Asia-Pacific Summit 2023 (booth P15) at InterContinental Singapore.” With the abilities of Roto Climber to perform cleaning, inspection, and repair. We have received a lot of interest from the major renewable energy and oil & gas companies.    

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Rototech are extremely pleased to announce that Dr Kris Babicci is now working with Rototech as their Senior Advisor

Kris Babicci

Kris Babicci is a senior executive with over 45 years’ experience in banking and finance. His expertise is in establishing and managing complex businesses in developing countries.   Kris currently holds board and advisory positions in the petroleum sector, industrial chemicals, water treatment, health, education and fintech.   Most recently he was the CEO for…

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