Roto Climber MK 1 Mini

The Roto Climber MK 1 Mini is the natural progression of its larger counterparts, designed for the cleaning and inspection of smaller pipes from 6” to 12” in diameter. The lightweight and compact design means the battery powered unit is delivered in just three pelican cases and requires no platform deliverables.

Built with new composite materials, the Roto Climber MK 1 Mini is fitted with an array of sensors and tools, including three high resolution cameras, sensors to detect and map defects as well as a Caviblaster cleaning system to protect coatings. Entirely self-contained, each unit is effortless to install and recover.

Key Features

Operational up to a depth of 50 meters below sea level.

Single / double StoneAge Barracuda nozzle or Caviblaster delivering seawater to a pressure of 3,000 bars and flows up to 28 litres per minute per nozzle.

3 x DWE Explorer HD 2.0 Cameras.

Fitted with Cygnus ROV mountable 2K ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Optional corrosion assessment probe:Eddyfi Lyft pulsed eddy current single probe, changeable depending on wall thickness and coating properties.

Optional Polatrak Deep C Meter 300 CP Probe.

ATEX Zone 2 rated with minimal platform footprint.

Other Technology