Roto Climber MK 2

The modular design of the Roto Climber MK 2 allows it to perform a multitude of functions necessary during the lifetime of an offshore conductor, riser, Caisson or platform leg. This highly adaptable device can be assembled to meet the need of even the most specific tasks, with work packages that can be attached above, below or on both ends of the Traction Module.

The end result means that the Roto Climber MK 2 can clean, perform Close Visual Inspection and Phased Array mapping, and re-coat a surface all in one operation, with high attention to detail and unrivaled precision in all areas. This provides platform owners with considerable savings both in time and cost.


Key Features

Operational up to a depth of 200+ meters below sea level as well as above the waterline.

Equipped with movement sensors to allow exact replications of movements, to easily enable it to return to exact defect locations.

Single / double StoneAge Barracuda nozzle or Caviblaster delivering seawater to a pressure of 3,000 bars and flows up to 28 litres per minute per nozzle.

Optional Polatrak Deep C Meter 300 CP Probe.

Optional clamp by-pass module for travel over riser or caisson clamps.

Optional Olympus Focus PX with HydroForm buggy phased array system for corrosion or weld defect mapping.

Optional corrosion assessment probe: Eddyfi Lyft pulsed eddy current single probe or array, changeable depending on wall thickness, coating properties and scanning type required.

Compatible with a UHP abrasive cutting head for cutting through steel.

Optional drilling module and optional laser scanning module.

System ATEX Zone 2 rated for hazardous areas.

Other Technology