Roto Crawler


The Roto Crawler is another innovative, modular design, taking many of the benefits and use-cases of the Roto Climber MK 2, and instead adapting them to horizontal pipelines. Positioned using sonar, the Roto Crawler requires no divers for installation, allowing for much safer and easier use.

It operates by using traction modules that connect with the same modules as used in the Roto Climber MK 2, meaning customers can use the same work modules for several tasks over the course of maintaining their offshore platforms, therefore greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and spare parts.

Key Features

Operational up to a depth of 300 meters below sea level.

Provides real-time data.

Detects both corrosion and cracks in the pipeline and/or welded joints.

Extendable, meaning any new technology could be fitted in the future.

Optional cleaning and coating module.

Optional pipe wrapping module.

Optional weight coat removal module.

Optional corrosion assessment probe: Eddyfi Lyft pulsed eddy current single probe or array, changeable depending on wall thickness and coating properties and scanning type required.

Other Technology