Roto Climber MK 1

The Roto Climber MK1 was designed and built specifically for the cleaning, visual inspection and wall thickness measurements on conductors, piles, risers and Caissons. It comes at a time when ageing offshore platforms are in constant need of maintenance to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

The lightweight, easy to assemble and simple device is structurally robust and easy to deploy in the dangerous ‘Splash Zone’ areas of oil and gas platforms, therefore eliminating the high risk faced by off-shore divers and other maintenance personnel when trying to maintain some of the most difficult locations to access.

Key Features

Operational up to a depth of 200 meters below sea level and up to the platform deck.

Single/double Stoneage Barracuda nozzle or Caviblaster, delivering seawater up to a pressure of 3,000 bars and flows of up to 28 L per minute.

UVS 100RL equipped for an ultra-compact, high resolution colour camera solution.

Cygnus Dive Mk 2 Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge for measuring wall thickness loss without removing coatings.

Optional corrosion assessment probe: Eddyfi Lyft pulsed eddy current single probe, changeable depending on wall thickness and coating properties.

Middle East and Asian Zone 2 compliant.

Other Technology