Roto Piler

Roto Piler

The Roto Piler has been designed with ease of use and convenience at its forefront. Thanks to an onboard battery unit, the device requires no external power supply, with a battery life of up to 12 hours. Not only is it easy to install and recover, the Roto Piler also needs minimal space for operation and works in depths of up to 50m below water level.

At Rototech, we're revolutionizing the way oil and gas platforms, pipelines, jetty piles and wind turbines are inspected and maintained. Our robotic systems reduce time and cost, while increasing safety for personnel and guaranteeing the highest standards across all types of service.

Key Features

Operational up to a depth of 50 meters below sea level.

Single / double StoneAge Barracuda nozzle or Caviblaster delivering seawater to a pressure of 3,000 bars and flows up to 28 litres per minute per nozzle.

Fitted with Cygnus ROV Mountable 2K ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Floatation system, with twin floats of coated high density foam, enabling pile batter angle changes to be accommodated.

Optional Polatrak Deep C Meter 300 CP Probe.

Optional corrosion assessment probe: Eddyfi Lyft pulsed eddy current single probe, changeable depending on wall thickness and coating properties.

Other Technology