Wind Climber


The Wind Climber meets the growing demand for the inspection of off-shore wind turbine towers. When such assets reach the end of their warranty periods, new owners are oftentimes unaware of the structural integrity of their towers. As such, there have been numerous cases of tower collapses, a highly problematic situation in which Rototech seeks to solve.

The Wind Climber is a larger iteration of the Roto Climber, designed specifically for the inspection of off-shore wind turbine towers. Our patented design allows Rototech to sustainably provide maintenance services across both the oil, gas and renewable energy industries.

Key Features

Dual trolleys for tooling and inspection equipment.

Multiple drive wheels that can be placed to avoid obstacles such as doorways.

Phased Array C scan mapping.

Cleaning and re-coating.

As a work platform for personnel working on the tower exterior.

Other Technology